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Charmed Life    

Welcome to the Charmed Life Blog, where we talk about all things HOME! If there is ever a topic you would be interested in hearing about, please send us an email with your idea so we can consider it! 

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Bathroom Redesign on a Budget

     Welcome to our first blog post! Today we're going to be talking about some inexpensive and EASY ways to update a bathroom. Since the homeowners were planning a full bathroom renovation in the next few years, we just wanted to make it attractive and livable for them in the meantime without spending a ton of money! 

    1.   As always, it's good to have a starting point. Since this was a master bathroom, we took some cues from the master bedroom. But first, we needed to do some important fixes! Our number one priority was to replace the old leaking toilet with a new energy efficient model with the top flush feature. Next, we removed the old ceramic toilet paper holder and towel bar and had the holes in the walls patched. We also removed the plastic drawer handles on the vanity and patched the holes. The builders grade mirror was the last to go, and although we suggested to replace the light, they realized they could live with that a little longer. Luckily, the previous owners replaced the grimy old faucet before they moved in. 

   2.   Once the bathroom was prepped it was time to paint! We freshened up the vanity with a coat of bright white paint that matches the trimwork. The walls were coated in SW Mindful Gray. Laminate bathroom counters are not my favorite and this one was no exception. The yellow tone no longer blended with the bathroom, and it appeared dirty no matter how much we scrubbed sooo....we painted it too! Once the white base coat was down, we sponged some SW Repose Gray on with a rag, and coated the whole thing with some polyacrylic. 

 3.    One of the big issues with this bathroom was that the ceilings felt low, making it feel more closed in than it was. To combat that, we hung 93"  curtains on an adjustable rod as close as we could to the ceiling. That elongates the wall in your mind and makes the ceilings feel much higher! We hung a waterproof shower curtain (extra long, bought on Amazon) behind the curtains to protect them. 

  4.   To add storage, first we hung a large wire rack above the toilet to hold towels. We found this farmhouse style wire rack for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. We also needed an attractive solution for dirty laundry. The local Buy, Sell, Trade group proved to be very helpful for this! We found a storage cabinet for $35 and painted over the dated wood look with the same white paint we had used on the vanity. Metallic spray paint in oil-rubbed bronze turned the handles the proper color, and we had a storage unit that fit perfectly into the space! 

  5.    Now comes the fun part...the decorating!!! We replaced the toilet paper holder with a twig-shaped wrought iron piece to go with the Master bedroom's theme of "peaceful woods", and added a hand towel ring and back-of-the-door hook to match. Unlike home staging, redesign is about decorating to your taste, so we love little unique touches like that! 

   For the mirror, we chose an oil-rubbed bronze color, and went with a bold but simple shape. The homeowner found some plush bath towels in a beautiful teal with hand towels to match, which was the original inspiration for the Master suite. We used "found" decor (stuff around the house and from secondhand stores and estate sales) mostly to decorate with...handmade stackable wooden boxes, vintage hardcover books, and various other pieces. We painted large frames to match and hung them one on top of the other on the opposite wall of the toilet to, once again, make the ceiling appear higher. And then finally the tiered stand became home to some decanted face oil, q-tips, and bath salts, as well as storage for the extra bath tissue.

  6.    The final touches have yet to be implemented, but here they are: updating the electrical outlets, caulking around the sink and counter to make a cleaner look, and adding door hardware to the vanity. Most of these things are simple and very cost-effective ways to make a bathroom look fresher, updated, and unique to the people who live there! 

I hope you have found this helpful! As always, we welcome blog post ideas, and please follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!